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Yuki-no Agaricus originates from Hokkaido, Japan. The agaricus are 100% organic and are not genetically modified. The farm was built under the instruction of prof. Mizuno Takashi - honoured as the Father of Mushroom in Japan. The agaricus cultivated are all stout and fleshy. When matured, they have grown as big as an adult's palm.

100% free from preservatives, artificial colourings and additives...etc

Quality and safety endorsed by the Japan Food Research Laboratories - the Japanese Government authorized laboratories.
Highly condensed essences for easy absorptions

  • Improve bodily functions
  • Maintain the immune system at its optimized performance
  • Promote blood circulation
  • Prevent premature aging
  • Beautify skin complexion
  • No deteriorating efficacy over long-term consumption
  • Can be taken along with Chinese/Western Medicine
  • No known side-effects observed

Ingredient: 100% organic agaricus essences
Package: 400mg (250mg essences) x 90 capsules equivalent to 150g dehydrated agaricus
Dosage: Health maintenance (3 caps. daily, preferably with empty-stomach before breakfast)
Weakness (twice daily with each dose 3-6 caps.)
Chemo- and radiotherapy (twice daily with each dose 6 caps.)
Storage: Please keep in cool and dry place